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The High Desert Tapestry Alliance & The Tapestry Artists of Las Arañas with "The Mythology/Transparency Project"


In April 2014 the Las Aranas group hosted a joint meeting with the Las Tejedoras group in Albuquerque. Our discussions centered on a new group challenge for 2014/2015. Sharon Van de Velde suggested a design challenge and made a presentation on the theme of mythology and brought a small tapestry and a cartoon for a larger piece to show. After a discussion of what mythology means to different people, Dan Klinglesmith suggested that it really is a story that tells us something about ourselves and the world around us.

Nancy Wohlenberg and Elizabeth Buckley showed a slide presentation on the theme of using transparency as a design element in tapestry. They suggested a technical challenge of using tapestry technique to achieve a transparent effect. Additionally, some weavers wanted to do only small format pieces of 10 x 10 inches while other weavers preferred to work in a larger format. After much discussion, it was decided that the next challenge would be on the theme of Mythology of any sort, ancient, cultural, representational or abstract. We agreed that we should be prepared to tell or write the story to explain our tapestries. Additionally, we agreed to use transparency as part of the design and technical challenge in each piece. We decided that each weaver should have completed at least a small format 10 x 10 inch piece by March of 2015, but could also weave a larger piece instead or in addition to the small format piece.

In September 2014 the Las Tejedoras group hosted a joint meeting in Los Alamos and weavers brought designs for tapestries, tapestries in progress and finished tapestries. Since that time, both groups of weavers have been weaving and sharing their designs and expertise to make the exhibit you see today. We hope you enjoy this exhibit and try something new yourself.

September 29 - November 11, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, September 29, 5-7pm